The Sad Reality Of Depression Captured On Photos By a Hairstylist

One day in February, a strange looking woman walked into The Salon located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and wanted to buy every possible “All Soft” products by Redken . Kate Langman who worked there, noticed the customer and asked her if she needed help.

After talking for a while, Kate found out that this woman was fighting depression. Due to her mental disorder, she didn’t left her home for six months and her hair was so neglected. She rarely washed and brushed her hair. She would just make a bun which after a while had become a giant, matted knot.

Kate offered this woman to make her hair the very next day.

Langman told The Huffington Post: “I have a very close family member that went through similar [mental health struggles. If I would have let her walk away with all of those products that she spent a hundreds of dollars on, she would have gotten nowhere — which she would have possibly viewed as another failure for her.”

She didn’t show up on her first appointment. After two weeks she called and booked another but she didn’t show up again.

Langman wrote on Facebook: “It actually, kind of, broke my heart”

Then one day she just came in the salon and asked Kate to make her hair pretty.

Langman told HuffPost: “When she walked in that day, I had a feeling of relief that she still had the drive to feel like herself again.”

After eight long hours of cutting, brushing and coloring the hair, the results were more than amazing.

After this extraordinary experience, Kate shared it on Facebook and her story received more than 35,000 likes and was shared more than 16,000 times.

Langman wrote in her post: “By the end of this service, I could see the sparkle in her eyes,”

These symptoms are quite common in 300 million people who suffer from depression. This mental disorder often destroys motivation and energy so people are not able to complete even the simplest tasks like washing and brushing the hair.

Langman said: “I wanted her to know that there is someone that is here to help her. No matter the circumstances. She needed someone she could count on and I wanted to be that person for her.”

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