Nature Helps Against Depression and Obesity According To One European Study

Green spaces with many trees are proven to have amazing beneficial effects on your mental health as well as against some allergies.

One study shows that 26% of England’s population visit natural environments less than three times per year.

It is also proven that people who live close to green spaces are more active, fit and do not suffer from depression.

Middle-aged men from Scotland who lived in green areas had 16% lower death rate than people who lived in the cities. Nature is also very beneficial for pregnant women as they rarely have high blood pressure and they give birth to healthier babies.

To conclude, nature is amazing healer as it reduces allergies, improves mental health and self- esteem.

One year study conveyed by 11 researchers from the Institute for European environmental policy (IEEP) used more than 200 academic studies on this theme and they proved the connection between nature and health.

Robbie Blake, a nature campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, who made the analysis said: “The evidence is strong and growing that people and communities can only thrive when they have access to nature,”

“We all need nature in our lives, it gives us freedom and helps us live healthily; yet deprived communities are routinely cut off from nature in their surroundings and it is suffocating for their well-being.”

This research also uses some studies to show that people from deprived communities have access to fewer natural environments than people who are living in wealthier communities.

Patrick Brink is IEEP’s director and he salutes the efforts of Oslo and Victoria-Gasteiz to make nature accessible for everyone.

He said: “We should be inspired by this and work together so that all Europeans have nature within 300 metres of their homes in the next 10 years,”

There was also a research which showed that patients in hospitals that were placed next to windows with view on green gardens were discharged a day earlier than the patients placed next to the walls.

Another study from 2015 proved that only 10 more trees make people feel as they are seven years younger.

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