InFocus: Defeating Holiday Anxiety And Stress

There are people who love holidays but there are also people who fight with sobriety or emotional wellness concerns.

December is the most joyful month and most of people love the holidays and feel happy. But unfortunately there are people who do not feel like this during the holidays. This time of the year is especially difficult for people who fight with sobriety and emotional wellness concerns.

The topic of this week’s 22News InFocus is how to fight anxiety and stress during the holidays. We all expect to have fun during the holidays; to be festive and joyful but sometimes all the expectations and demands during the holidays can put us under great pressure.

Our guests will be mental health professionals who will talk about how to maintain sobriety and emotional wellness and how to alleviate stress and anxiety during the holidays.

So if you are interested, watch 22News InFocus this Sunday at noon or streaming on your mobile using the 22News app.  Don’t worry if you miss it as you can find it at

You can also get information about help with mental and emotional problems at the Center for Human Development.

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