No One Talks About The Link Between Anxiety And Verbal Abuse

Often people who suffer from anxiety were victims of some sort of abuse. When a person is constantly under stress or trauma with time he/she develops some form of mental disorder. Anxiety is the most common mental illness.

Many people cannot recognize verbal abuse and some of them even think that it is something normal.

Well it isn’t. You need to know that insulting, disrespecting and yelling can cause major consequences in a person. Verbal abuse can be dangerous just like physical abuse.

The Worst Form of Abuse is Verbal

What is verbal abuse? It can be real-life and cyber bulling. They are both extremely harmful and affect the brain.

It is especially serious if the person was abused since he/she was a child.

When people are abused, they become emotionally instable with low self-respect. It affects their behavior and overall mental health.

If you are or you have been verbally abused you know that it has negative effect on your work and relationships as well.

The symptoms of verbal abuse are:

1. Short-Term Symptoms

  • Unable to make decisions
  • Low self-confidence and lack of enthusiasm
  • Overthinking

2. Long-Term Symptoms

  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Suicide
  • Anxiety

How to Notice Verbal Abuse

1. Where No One Can See

Abusers attack their victims when there are no other people around. This usually happens at school, at home or even at work. This trauma can cause serious damage to victim’s mental health.

2. Never appreciate others

Abusers never appreciate other people or their achievements. They are not satisfied no matter how hard the victim is trying to please them. So the victim feels empty and like she/he is not worthy enough.

3. Name Calling

Name calling is really embarrassing and is used to insult the victim. This abuse is also harmful especially for young children.

4. Mood Killer

Abusers cannot stand when their victim is happy. They feel as they cannot control him/her in that moment so they will do anything to make the victim sad again. Abusers are fulfilled when others are unhappy and miserable.

5. Attack Someone’s Interests

Abusers always attack the victim’s interests, things and people they like and their hobbies. Victims feel as they are not good enough, worthless and usually stop doing things they really enjoy in.

6. Abusers Are Always Right

Abusers will never admit that their actions are evil. They think that they are better than others and that they are never wrong. They never apologize as well.

7. Isolation

Victims avoid social events as they are afraid from being abused again. They do not feel safe surrounded by people. They actually feel anxious and uncomfortable.

You can help the victim by talking about his/hers feelings.

8. Blame

Abusers always blame other people for their mistakes. The victims on the other hand, think that they are to be blamed for everything and that they are not good persons. This leads to serious mental problems.

9. Jokes

Making jokes can be fun, but it is not the same when you make fun of someone else without permission or consent. You can easily hurt people’s feelings and they will feel frustrated and worthless at that moment.

I hope that this text will help you to recognize a verbal abuse next time you see it so you could be more careful with other people.

If you notice that someone you love is a victim of verbal abuse, please do not turn your head around and try to help before the things get worse.

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