The Major Connection Between Anxiety And Verbal Abuse

It is proven that verbal abuse causes trauma which leads to some very serious mental problems. Anxiety is one of them and can be triggered by several different things.

For all those people who are not informed, there are different types of anxiety but the feelings of fear and anxiety attacks are common for all types. There are physical symptoms like shaking and rapid heart rate. Every person feels anxious from time to time, but severe anxiety which can last for years can be very dangerous.

There are different forms of verbal abuse as well. The victim may be abused by someone close or by some bully from the street. Either way, it can have really serious effects on the victim. There is a small difference between verbal and emotional abuse.

Researchers from Florida State University conveyed a study which showed that children who were verbally abused grew up into adults prone to depression and anxiety and they were also very self-critical. They had 1.6 times more symptoms of anxiety than people who weren’t abused. They were also twice as likely to get some mood disorder in general.

Although there are people who claim that they cannot recognize the verbal abuse, it can be noticed easily. It can be name-calling to making fun of someone and many other things as well. If your parents blamed you for everything even for things you didn’t control so you felt isolated and frustrated, then you were being abused.

Physical abuse is not the only form of abuse that has terrible consequences. Below you can read which things are considered to be emotional/verbal abuse and then think about your childhood and your behavior as well. This doesn’t mean that the parents are the only ones who abuse their kids. Kids can be also abused by friends or strangers.

1. Being the butt of a joke.

Although we all think that jokes are funny and entertaining, they can be harmful as well. When someone is making fun of you, you probably feel ashamed and it hurts your feelings.

2. Feeling alone even with people around.

Do you feel alone even if surrounded with people? This is due to low self-esteem which can cause serious social issues.

3. When someone always has to be right.

If someone important to you thinks that he/she is always right and that you are always wrong. These individuals never say sorry and never admit that they are wrong. These people are really negative and can have huge negative impact on your mental health.

4. Making fun of the things you like.

You can be really hurt if someone makes fun of you or call things you love stupid and unworthy. This person makes you feel as you are not good enough so if you feel like this stop the abuser immediately.

5. Being called names.

It is really humiliating when people call you bad names. It destroys your self-esteem. This is especially common among children and the bullied child usually has problems during the teenage years.

6. They demean your opinions.

Your opinion is not important, your suggestions are stupid and your needs are not important as well. Remember one thing- Abusers are not nice!

7. They accuse you of being too sensitive.

If someone accuses you of being too sensitive, that person needs help as there is no such thing as too sensitive. We all show emotions in different ways.

8. Your personal boundaries are constantly crossed.

If someone constantly crosses your boundaries, then he/she doesn’t respect you at all. You feel as you cannot control your life.

9. This person points out your flaws constantly.

Maybe I have a big nose but you don’t need to talk about it all the time. Do you enjoy when I feel sad? Sometimes I cannot understand people at all.

10. Being unappreciated.

Abusers do not know how to appreciate other people. You can try hard but you will never be good enough and they will always be unhappy. Remember it is not your fault.

Everything said above is enough to start feeling anxious. If you are a victim, the video below can help you understand that you are so much better.

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