To All Those Lovely People Who Love Me During Isolating Episodes of Depression

Many people cannot understand depression. They are not aware that depression is an illness as well and people need to deal with many difficulties. Depression is far away from being fun. People often stay in their beds for days. There are days when they cannot finish a simple task like brushing their teeth. It can be devastating when they cannot move forward while everything around them is moving and changing.

Isolation is the worst symptom of depression. In those moments I feel so lonely, like no one is able to understand me. This makes me push people away. I hurt my friends because I avoid them. I don’t want to talk about my feelings because I don’t want to be a burden.

That is why I want to say thank you to all those friends who decided to stay by my side.

I know that this is sometimes hard especially in those moments when my depression strikes hard. I become a dark person. Thank you for seeing my true face behind the darkness and reminding me that I am a good person even in those moments. Thank you for listening me even when I sound a little bit crazy. Thank you for staying with me when I cry. Thank you for praying with me. Thank you for reminding me that this world is not so bad. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for not abusing me in those vulnerable moments. And finally, thank you for protecting me.


A Good Day Vs. a Bad Day With Depression

I feel so blessed and grateful for having friends that care for me. Sometimes I find hard to believe that this is true. Sometimes I really doubt. But still I am grateful because they have chosen to stay because not everyone stays. Those friends who can see me through my darkness are a true blessing.

I am really sorry for not being the person you love and know sometimes. I am sorry that sometimes I don’t ask about your feelings. I am so sorry that sometimes I am so consumed in my world that I forget about your problems. Thank you for being patient and for not making me feel as a burden.

Even if you cannot understand my everyday struggle I am so grateful that you keep trying. I am aware that sometimes friendships can end but until I become “too much,” thank you for your love and support.

To all of my amazing friends- THANK YOU!

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